UTM Korugan 90

Unified Threat Management

 model1 utm-pdfSpecyfikacjautm-pdfSzybka instalacjautm-pdfPodręcznik Administratora   Zalecana ilość użytkowników do 200
  Prędkości portów 1000 Mbps
  Ilość portów 6x1Gbit
  Typ obudowy desktop
  Przepustowość UDP 3000 Mbps
  Przepustowość TCP 2800 Mbps
  Nowe sesje na sekundę 20000
  IPSec VPN 380 Mbps
  No of IPSec Tunnels 150
  SSL VPN Throughput 280 Mbps
  AV Throughput 900 Mbps
  IPS Throughput 700 Mbps
  UTM Throughput 520 Mbps
  Wymiary W x H x D 268mm x40mm x145mm
  Zasilanie 220-230V



-Stateful Packet Inspection
-ACC:User,Source,Destination,Zone,MAC ,
-Security Policies:Antivirus,Web Filter,
IPS, Anti-Spam
-VPN Firewall
Linia srednia
Intrusion Prevention System
-4000+ signatures
-Hourly,Daily,Weekly Update
-Custom Rule Upload
-Manual Rule Editor
-Rule Filtering
Service,Schedule based IPS Policies
-awareLinia sredniaAntivirus
-Virus,Malware,Spyware,Trojan,Worm Protection
-Hourly,Daily,Weekly Update -Email and Web Traffic Protection
-24/7 Operating Comodo AV Lab Database
Service,Schedule based AV ScanningLinia sredniaAnti-Spam
-Inbound, Outbound Scanning
-RBL, MIME header check
-IP Black/White/Grey List
-Custom Listing
-Block Files by Extension and Size
-Separate Spam and Virus Handling Ability
Service,Schedule based Anti-Spam Policy
-Manual B/W and Grey List Management
-Mail Routing,BCC -Spam Training
Web Filtering
-90+ Categories, 500.000+ Websites -24/7 Updated Database
-Custom B/W Listing
-Proxy Management
-HTTP,HTTPS -User,Source,Destination,Zone,MAC,IP,
Service,Schedule based Web Filtering
-Block Malware,Phising,PharmingLinia sredniaVirtual Private Network
– Encryption
- MD5,SHA-1
– Authentication with Preshared key,
Digital certificates
– Dead peer detection and connection redundancy
– External Certificate Authority support
– Export Road Warrior connection configuration
-Domain name supportLinia sredniaTraffic Shaping and QoS
-Zone and Interface based bandwidth management
-Source,Destination,Service,Zone based traffic classingLinia srednia

-Captive Portal
-Login Page Management
-SMS Authentication
-Session TimeLinia srednia

Administration and System Configuration
– Command Line Interface
– Role-based Access control
– Firmware Upgrades via Web UILinia srednia

Administration and System Configuration
– Command Line Interface

 Korugan Log Collector
-Free of charge log collector
-Real-time and historical monitoring
-Firewall,Web,Email,IPS,AV based reporting
-User,Source,Destination,Zone,MAC,IP,S ervice based monitoring
-Requires no extra license
-TSA integratable
-5651 supported for TurkeyLinia sredniaNetworking
-SPI Firewall
-Predefined Security Zones
-Policy Based NAT
-Virtual IP
-Automatic Failover and ISP Support
-Static and Policy Based Routing
-PPPoE,PPTP,DDNS Client, ARP and DNS Proxy, DHCP Server
-Dynamic Routing
-Support of ICAP to integrate myDLP or third
-party DLP, WebLinia sredniaCertification and Compliancy
CC EAL 4+ ReadyLinia srednia

Korugan65:4 GbE
1 RJ45 Console Port
Ports Desktop Form
100-240 Input Voltage
0 to 40 ºC Working Temperature
Korugan 65 HxWxD:220 mm x 44 mm x 176 mm
(8.58″ x 1.72″ x 6.86″)